Considering the Cultural Fit When Hiring

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Considering the Cultural Fit When Hiring

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While ‘cultural fit’ may seem like the latest buzz word in the recruitment industry, it is actually a really important factor to consider when hiring. The Business Dictionary defines a cultural fit as “the values and behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation”; in basic terms ‘the feel of the business’.

The culture of a business is created through the way that the employees behave as well as the shared attitudes and beliefs that are written and spoken through the business, the unwritten rules of how people act are the ‘culture’ (or the glue) of the business.

While hiring managers may have their ‘dream candidate’ on paper, it is important that this candidate fits with the culture of the business or they can do more harm than good for the business and the existing employees within the organisation.

So why is a cultural fit important?

The Harmony Of The Team

Good teamwork doesn’t happen if you don’t have a happy team that want to work together; there will always be a selection of different personalities and skills within a team, but if an employee doesn’t fit with the culture of the business or the team it will be extremely hard for team harmony to exist.

Good Employee Performance

An employee needs to believe in the values and systems that a business has in place to be a good employee; if you don’t believe in the culture or support the beliefs of the business it is unlikely you will work hard for that business and your performance will not meet expected standards. You need to believe in what you do to work with passion and dedication.

Employee Retention

By employing a candidate that like their job, the company they work for and the team they work with they are more likely to want to stick around which will result in a higher level of staff retention for your business; however employing someone that can do the job but doesn’t fit with the team could result in replacing them within your business but also members in their team.

Praise For The Company

Word of mouth marketing is huge when it comes to sales, but it is also important for recruitment too. A happy employee will tell friends and ex-colleagues of their great job and this will spread the word to potential talent for your business, at no extra cost to you.

Here at aspire cambridge we don’t feel that results happen in a negative workplace and environment and this is why it is so important that you consider the culture of your business when recruiting new candidates to make sure you have the right culture fit for the candidate and the business.