Can We Talk About That Job You’ve Got Advertised?

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Can We Talk About That Job You’ve Got Advertised?

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When a candidate calls up and asks if we can talk about the job we have advertised online, our honest answer would probably be “I don’t know, can we?”; When you call us to speak about applying for a role we have advertised it is your first opportunity to create that great first impression.

Here are some top tips to help you ensure that you are ready to talk about that job we have advertised and to make sure you make the best possible first impression with a recruitment consultant;

What Is The Job?

Remember that as recruitment consultants we are dealing with multiple job roles and vacancies at all times, be prepared with the job title or name of the position and any other details such as the salary of location of the job. Not only will this show the recruitment consultant you are proactive and organised but it will make it easier and quicker for them to deal with you more effectively too.

Where Are You?

We understand that many people are job hunting while in full-time employment and it can be tricky to make the call in the office, but wherever you are calling from make sure it isn’t a busy or noisy place like a coffee shop or at the train station and make sure you have and keep good signal too/ If you’re worried about being called back at an awkward time when you’re leaving a message for a recruitment consultant and expecting them to call back then leave a clear and concise message telling them when they can return your call.

Ready For Information?

Make sure you are prepared to take down information if any is given, have a pen and paper to hand and don’t be driving as the recruitment consultant will need to wait while you pull over. They may tell you about another job you’re suitable for, an email address to contact them or new information about the role that you need to remember. Like a good scout; be prepared.

Prepared To Impress?

Your first impression is key so when you call to speak to the recruitment consultant about the role make sure you are confident and professional leaving the recruitment consultant excited to call you back. If you come across well then the recruiter will be looking forward to seeing your CV so they can put you forward for the role.

Do It Now

If you see a job role you are interested in then apply for it now or later that day; don’t leave it until the next day or the next week to apply for it because the vacancy could be filled by then. The market is far too competitive to sit on a job you like and not apply for it, so seize the moment and potentially bag that dream job.