Anyone For Phone Tennis?

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Anyone For Phone Tennis?

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We’re guessing the answer to the question is a firm NO; nobody enjoys the to-ing and fro-ing of missed calls and answer machine messages as you try and get hold of someone. It is exactly the same here in the recruitment industry – it’s a constant circle of us calling the candidate and the candidate calling us, or the client calling us and us calling them but both missing each other.

If you hate Phone Tennis as much as we do then have a look at these tips to avid playing the dreaded game and actually getting to speak to the person you want to get hold of.

Leave Details

When you do get the answer machine message make sure you leave the usual details including your name, number and the reason you are calling; but then go one step further and give times of when you are available to take their call – for example the time of your lunch break or when you finish work. By leaving a few options of when you will be available to take the call, it is more likely that they’ll be able to call you back and you’ll both be able to talk.

Text or Email

If you find you’re in the cycle of Phone Tennis, why not send a quick text or email to confirm a good time to call. Make sure you keep the text professional and don’t use abbreviations, but ensure you ask when a good time for you to call them may be.

Time It Right

Think about the best time to call someone; lunch time can often be a tricky time to catch people as they are away from their desk, but if it is a candidate seeking work then this could be the best time to call them. Don’t forget many people now (although we do not encourage it) have lunch from their desks. If you’re finding that you’re starting a game of phone tennis then change the times you call.

It’s Important

If the reason you are trying to get hold of them is because it is an important or urgent matter then make sure the person you are calling knows this. Leave a message to say you need to speak to them ASAP if you really do; but don’t say that if it is not urgent or you will become the ‘boy who cried wolf.’

End the game of Phone Tennis by following these tips and you’ll find that your calls are returned, business is dealt with and your days will be much more enjoyable with less stress and less calls back and forth.