5 Different Personalities Of Your Workforce

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5 Different Personalities Of Your Workforce

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In every business and team there will be a selection of personalities because everyone is different; this is both rewarding a challenging for a manager and business owner, but if you know the types of personalities you’re dealing with then it does make for easier to manage your team and work with your employees to get the most from them.

We have picked five of the most common personality types found in a business, can you spot people in your business just like this? We have referred to them as Mr Men characters, but of course they can be found in both genders.

Mr Rush

Mr Rush may not be the easiest person to see as they are always on the go, they have an impatient demeanour and will always be late for everything, no matter how big or small the commitment may be. Mr Rush is the one you think you saw rush past the window at 9.10am each morning, like we say, not the easiest to see, but pretty easy to spot.

Mr Negative

This person is just negative all the time; you are unlikely to get any positive vibes from this person and while this doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it just means that every suggestion made will be responded to with a less than impressed manner.

Mr Funny

Every classroom had one and every office has one too, often known as the ‘class clown’. Their laughter can be heard before they are seen, a smile will go a long way with them and you’ll often hear them telling a story from the weekend just to make the team smile.

Mr Gossip

This is the person in your business that loves to know exactly what is going on with everyone, whether this is in their work or personal life. If you’re having a quiet chat with a friend by the water cooler, chances are Mr Gossip is nearby catching snippets of your conversation.

Mr Chatterbox

The voice of Mr Chatterbox can be heard above everyone else’s, and often more than everybody else’s too. Before you even realise you’ll find yourself listening to their personal life when you may have asked a very simple work question or made the mistake of politely asking how they were and being stuck an hour later still being told how they are.

While these characters can often be found in every office they are not all bad people to have in your team, but you need to understand each character to manage them effectively and when hiring you need to consider the characters in the team and the character required from the new candidate to fit with the team.

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