Yippeeeeeeee – You’re Going On Holiday!

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Yippeeeeeeee – You’re Going On Holiday!

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You’ve booked your holiday leave, the hotel is gorgeous, the weather is ideal and your flight leaves first thing Friday morning. It’s a well deserved holiday and you know you’re going to have a fantastic time… but before your mind goes on holiday, here at aspire cambridge, we believe there are a few things you need to do first;

  1. Do A Handover

Think about who will be looking about your work when you are away and do a handover with them; let them know what you have been doing, what needs to be done and anything they can expect to happen. If you are working with clients let the clients know you’ll be away and give them the contact details of the person looking after them while you’re away.

  1. Tell People

Whether it’s an email or a phone call make sure you contact all of your clients and any other people that regularly contact you to inform them that you’ll be out of the office, but give them the details of the people they can contact if they need to. Remind your colleagues that you are going away too.

  1. Tie Up Loose Ends

Wrap up as many projects and tie up those loose ends before you go away; not only will this help your colleagues and clients while you are away, but it will reduce the workload and stress when you get back into the office after your holiday too.

  1. Think Emails

No matter how many people you tell and how many times you tell people, your inbox will be overflowing when you get back so consider getting someone to check through emails while you are away, setting up rules and folders for easier email organisation when you get back and don’t forget to set an out of office so people know you’re away and won’t be in contact until a stated date.

  1. Relax & Enjoy Your Holiday

You’ve worked long and hard for this holiday so make sure you take the time to relax and enjoy it, while it is okay to check your emails once or twice, make sure you actually have a holiday and not just an office somewhere else where you do all the work you would normally do. Enjoy your holiday and you’ll come back relaxed, refreshed and motivated for work again.