Working While Studying?

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Working While Studying?

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Here at aspire cambridge our team of recruitment consultants look at CVs every day; often we will come across a CV from a recent university graduate and they will have no work experience or ever had a job… does this affect their CV and chance of landing that dream job?

We understand that everyone is different; some people take on a weekend job while they are at university, others work during the school holidays and some choose to focus fully on studying and then think about getting a job when study time is over.

However, if you have just graduated from university with good strong grades and you now want to find work as a legal secretary for example; it is likely you are competing against other people with the same grades as you and perhaps others with 5 to 25 years experience in this job role or industry.

In many cases it is the person with the experience and not the degree that is at the top of the list for interviews because they have done the job before and will be able to get into the swing of things much quicker; just having a degree and no working experience could significantly reduce your chance of gaining the dream job.

Even if you only worked a few hours a week at a legal firm while you were studying this would really help your CV, it would show that you have worked and understand what a ‘job’ is, but you have also seen the industry you want to work in and although you may not have worked as a legal secretary you have experience working in the environment and seen what is expected of you in the role.

While education is important, you need to give yourself the best possible chance for the future and if this means working in the legal sector to gain experience and understanding for the role of a legal secretary then we highly recommend you do it; it could be the extra bit on your CV that ensures you get the job over a legal secretary with more experience or a fellow graduate with the same grades.

You could even just work in the industry during university holidays and breaks instead of evenings or weekends if you would prefer; whatever works best for you, you will find that working experience in the industry you want to go into will really help your CV and your chance of bagging your dream job.