Why A Recruiter Makes Interviewing Work

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Why A Recruiter Makes Interviewing Work

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The park and ride in Cambridge is a wonderful thing; Cambridge is a very busy city and as recruiters in Cambridge we do lots of travelling around to see various clients and happy candidates in their new jobs. The Cambridge park and ride is also a wonderful thing for people watching and ear-wigging; two things we really enjoy!

In whatever job or industry you work in there are always certain words you overhear that grab your attention, as recruitment consultants these words are things like jobs, job hunting or interviews.

The other day on the park and ride we overheard two friends talking about an interview they were sharing tips and ideas about interviews, interview questions to expect and how to handle different situations in an interview – of course we found ourselves eavesdropping on their conversation.

One friend explained to the other that recruiters don’t really see the people they interview as a person, but instead as a product. They are asking questions to gather information about us so they can understand the benefits of the product which is ‘us’.

The friend was clearly not impressed by this comment as he quickly replied that he sees himself as not a very good product as he has lots of weaknesses and that is why he finds interviews so hard.

The response to this from the first friend made us so proud to be a recruitment consultant and he basically summed it up in just a few sentences saying that this was the exact reason his friend needed a recruiter. He added that the reason for the interview with a recruitment consultant was so they could find out all the good things about you and then find the right job for you; this means that when you do go to the job interview with the employer there are no weaknesses because the recruitment consultant has found the job that uses all your strengths.

We really couldn’t put it better ourselves; our job is to put the right candidates in the right jobs; the interview with the recruiter just makes the process work.