To Answer Or Not To Answer…?

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To Answer Or Not To Answer…?

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We are all receiving more and more calls from withheld numbers but are more of us starting to answer calls from withheld numbers? We did a quick poll in the office and the overall answer to taking a call from a withheld number was a resounding ‘No’.

It seems that in this digital age we can get more and more information from almost anyone we choose to deal with and therefore when we see a withheld number we immediately begin to wonder who it is and what they are trying to hide but not having their number visible.

When we spoke to the team here at aspire cambridge there were strong arguments from both sides of the fence and we thought we would share some of the top reasons with you;

NO To Answering a Withheld Number Call

  • It’s probably a marketing call from someone that has bought my details and wants to forcefully sell me something
  • It’s clearly a scam otherwise they would have their number publicly
  • I don’t need to answer it because if it’s important they’ll leave a message (many withheld numbers don’t)
  • As soon as I answer a call from a withheld number I immediately regret it

YES To Answering A Withheld Number Call

  • It could be really important like the hospital or the kids school
  • As a business owner I need to answer the call regardless of the number showing because it could be our next new client
  • I will always answer every call, if it’s not of interest I can get rid of them
  • It could be a volunteer for a charity and they’re hiding their personal number
  • If I don’t answer it and they don’t leave a message I will be wondering who it was and if it was important

While there are strong reasons on both sides for answering and not answering a call from a withheld number it does seem that more and more businesses are choosing to not hide their number and opting out of withholding their caller ID and we think this a great thing.

Personally, unless I am expecting an important call I will not answer withheld numbers, but if you are job hunting and have just put your CV out there it may be a good idea to answer those calls; who knows what job offer you could be missing by ignoring that withheld number?