Suppose I Should Just Apply For It Anyway

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Suppose I Should Just Apply For It Anyway

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We know that job hunting can be stressful; we’ve all been there and we know just how time consuming and frustrating job hunting can be – especially when you’re desperate to leave your existing employment or urgently trying to back into work after a break – however this doesn’t just mean you should apply for any old job advert and in this blog post we would like to tell you why;

We Have Specific Requirements

Our clients give us specific requirements that they need from candidates; this could be anything from experience in the industry or job role, education to certain levels of expertise, specific skills or knowledge of a specific system. While you may be a fast learner and be able to pick things up quickly, that isn’t what the hiring manager wants so they won’t consider your CV if you don’t have the specific requirements that they want.

It’s Time Wasting

Applying for a job that needs skills or experience you don’t have, not only wastes your time, but it wastes the recruiters and the hiring managers time too; it can also give you a bad name because when a job comes up that your CV suits, they’ll remember you applied for different roles before and for jobs that didn’t match your skills or experience.

It’s Time Consuming

If you were to change and update your CV and cover letter for every individual job, even ones you weren’t suitable for, this would be a very time consuming task that would also be pointless if you weren’t the right candidate for it. It would be far better to use your time and energy on a job that you are well suited for and have the right skills and experience for.

It’s Disheartening

If you are applying for jobs that you aren’t suitable for then it is unlikely you will be offered them; you will then feel disheartened as you are applying for numerous jobs and not even being invited for interviews. Yet, if you were to apply for jobs that really suit you, you’ll have a much better rate of success and it’s more likely you’ll be offered an interview and a position with the company.

If you’re starting to get fed up with job hunting and find yourself thinking “Suppose I should just apply for it anyway” then stop; while we know it is completely up to you, you will have far more success if you focus your time and energy on the right job for you, and it’s likely you’ll be far more happy in that job role too.

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