Nobody Likes A No-Show

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Nobody Likes A No-Show

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Whether you’re meeting someone for a first date, meeting a friend for coffee and catch up or dinner with the family there is not much more annoying than the person you are meeting not turning up, especially when you have gone to the effort of making time for them and even changing plans to ensure you can see them.

It’s the same for recruiters and interviewers; the person finding you a job and the person interviewing you for your job have gone out of their way and made arrangements to see you or create the interview slot for you and while it may seem like a minor issue not to turn up, this can affect the whole day for the recruiter or the interviewer – but it can actually affect your future too.

Perhaps you have an interview slot booked, but in the meantime you have been offered and accepted another job role or decided to stay with the company you were looking to leave? Maybe your child is ill and you need to stay at home with them or maybe you just don’t really fancy the job anymore.

All these things are okay if you tell us; but if you don’t tell us then the recruiter and interviewer have set time aside for you and made preparations for you not to turn up. If you don’t want to go to the interview anymore or you can’t make that day then let us know and we can cancel or rearrange the interview for you.

When it comes to your career you need to think about the future; while you may have decided you will stick it out with your current employer for the time being what about when you change your mind, a job at the other company is still available but they remember being let down by you before and choose not to invite you in for an interview as you are known as a ‘no show’.

You never know when you might be back on the job hunting market again so here at aspire cambridge we ask that make sure you make the best possible impression of yourself so no bridges and burnt and recruiters as well as interviews are happy to make time for you.