My Names Kelly And I’m A Control Freak

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My Names Kelly And I’m A Control Freak

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At the risk of sounding like I am at an ‘Annonymous’ meeting of some sort, I do have an announcement – My name is Kelly and I am a Control Freak! As the owner and founder of aspire cambridge I have always believed that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself and while this has worked in some ways, in other ways it has definitely not helped me or the business grow!

In recent years I’ve begun to change and realise that it is okay to delegate, that other people with fresh pairs of eyes may be able to do a job just as well as me, and even better than me in some cases!

I can now sit back and watch my team develop, learn and grow while being able to enjoy more family friendly hours that are more stress free and there has been a clear improvement in my general health and well-being too.

I can honestly say that I am never as proud of my team as when I get a call from a client giving me extremely positive feedback about a member of my team and a job they have done well; but I wouldn’t have felt this sense of pride if I kept on doing it all myself.

We work with many business owners and employers who find it hard to delegate or ‘outsource’ as we often prefer to call it; but why would you want to spend hours trawling through CVs of varying experience and talent which takes you away from your real job which is what you got into your job role for and what you really enjoy doing?

Surely if someone gave you the chance to streamline your entire permanent, temporary and contract recruitment needs to one place you’d jump at the chance as it gives you one company of contact along with one supplier and invoice.

What if they offered to take on your payroll functions for you too? Surely you’d bite their arm off to gain back those lost hours that are being taken away from your busy work schedule and your colleagues too?

Drop us a line if you want to find out more; recruitment, agency workers payroll and human resources is what we do best and we can streamline it all for you – making your life easier and your business easier to run and manage.