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Mind Your Language

2017-12-21T21:59:20+00:00 December 21st, 2017|All, HR News, Recruitment|

From the titles you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a blog post about not swearing in the business world when speaking to clients, suppliers, recruiters and employers – and while you are right, swearing is not suitable in the business world, we would like to think that goes without saying.

Instead we would like you to watch what you say, in regards to phrases and words you may use with friends, but perhaps aren’t that appropriate when applying for a job, speaking to your recruitment consultant in Cambridge or during interview with your potential new employer.

While calling someone ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’ may seem like a friendly and approachable way to talk to someone, it can come across as condescending when used in a business conversation. Some terms like this are deliberately used to talk down to or belittle someone and while this may not be your intention, it may come across this way.

If you want to call your friend mate or buddy that is absolutely fine, because that is what they are to you. However, your recruitment consultant or interviewer is not your friend and they may misconstrue these comments as unprofessional or overly familiar so try to stay professional when talking to and greeting your potential future employer and the person helping you find your next job.

While we have spoken about the spoken language we use, it is also a good idea to keep your body language in check; a kiss or hug when greeting a friend is appropriate, but a firm handshake is a much more appropriate form of greeting when meeting your recruitment consultant or interviewer.

All we are suggesting is that the language we use both in words and through our body is reflecting who we are to the employer, so it is important that you present yourself in the best possible way. Make sure you match your language to the situation and you are self-aware.

Just mind your language and remember where you are as well as who you are talking to.