I Need To Be There, Whatever!

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I Need To Be There, Whatever!

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There is no denying it, winter is definitely upon us – the warm woolly jumpers, bug coats, hats, scarves and gloves are out in full flow; and the smell of Halls Soothers is in the air as everyone tries to get rid of the yucky winter cold they have picked up from a loved one, friend, neighbour or colleague.

The illnesses of winter certainly slow down productivity and efficiency in the office – and they add a lot of stress to other colleagues too; whether that is listening to someone constantly sniffing and coughing, claiming their cold is worse than anyone else’s or picking up the work of those off with a winter cold.

However, when the worst illnesses spread round the office you only have yourself to blame as a manager; it is important that you encourage those with nasty bugs to take the time off and recover instead of coming into work. Not only will they get over their bug quicker as they are resting, but it also reduces the likelihood of the bug spreading round the office and others catching it too.

Often employees will notice the early signs of a bug or illness but feel they have to be in the office, whatever happens and therefore just push through the illness and keep going – during this time they are not working as effectively as they could do as their body is begging them to stop and relax, but they’re also taking the rest of their colleagues down with them one by one.

It is essential that you make it clear to your employees that as much as them being at work is important to the success for your business, they are more important and so is their health and the health of others in the team.

Make your colleagues understand that you would rather they took a few days off to relax and recover in order to get rid of a nasty winter bug or illness than drag themselves into the office where they will not be feeling or performing at their best, and therefore pass the illness around.

You and your employees do not need to there, whatever – and the business will not fail with you or them being there for a day or two.