I Am Just So Stressed

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I Am Just So Stressed

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The latest buzz phrases at the moment seem to be “I’m just so busy” or “Work is so stressful at the moment” and the most common response to the question “How’s work at the moment” is “Stressful!” – while we all often find ourselves saying we are stressed or busy, how stressed are we actually feeling and are we ‘too stressed’?

You will come across people who tell you that they thrive on stress and adore tight deadlines and there is the sold saying that diamonds are created through lots of pressure; and then there are the other people that will start getting stressed as soon as a project lands on their desk until the minute it’s completed, whether that is one week later or three months later.

We would highly recommend that you should try and reduce your stress levels as soon as you begin to feel stressed; stress is extremely detrimental to our health and while not all stress can be avoided, it can often be reduced. People can reduce their stress levels in different ways such as a walk and fresh air, catching up with friends or exercising – do whatever works for you to reduce your stress levels.

What Does Stress Actually Do?

Much research has shown stress is linked to an increase in poor lifestyle habits; this includes things like limited physical activity, reduced and the skipping of proper meals. Stress also raises our cortisol hormone levels and in turn this can lead to an increase in weight around the mid section, an increased risk of depression and even heart disease.

Stress will often be involved in most jobs and from time to time it is likely you will feel stressed; however it is important to be aware of this and recognise when it is all getting on top of you and there is too much stress for you to cope with.

There are things you can look out for such as headaches and muscle tension, an upset stomach or neck and back pain, tiredness and fatigue when you’ve had a good night’s sleep, lack of focus and attention, short temper and irritability or even forgetfulness – these are all signs and indicators of stress.

How Much Stress Is Too Much Stress?

If you are showing any if the signs we have mentioned then chances are this is already affecting your levels of productivity and efficiency at work, which results in less work being achieved and more stress as you’re not getting as much done as you planned.

If you are feeling stressed and can’t reduce your stress levels it may be well worth speaking to your boss or line manager and explain the situation, there may be someone that can help you out in certain areas or maybe you could have a long weekend off to relax, recover and reassess so you return to work feeling fully motivated and de-stressed.