How To Leave A Message For Your Recruiter

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How To Leave A Message For Your Recruiter

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As a team of professional recruiters, we know that the revolution is voicemail and we also know that our phone is both our best friend and our enemy and the same can be said for our voicemails. We are a busy recruiters so we will sometimes miss calls that will go to voicemail instead, and we know that a lot of time is wasted listening to effective and ineffective voicemails!

An effective voicemail will get your query dealt with much quicker, while an ineffective voicemail may mean a delay in your matter being dealt with, or the matter not being dealt with at all; so let’s look at what an ineffective voicemail sounds like, and how you can leave an effective voicemail so we can deal with your query as quickly as possible.

An Ineffective Voicemail

  • Not leaving a message at all; we will see a missed call from your number, but if you don’t leave a message we will presume that you called us in error, have emailed instead or you decided it wasn’t important and you’d try again later. Make sure you leave a message if you want something dealt with.
  • Leaving a vague message of “Hi it’s me, call me back” gives us nothing; you have no idea how many ‘me’s call us each day. Let us know who you are what you are calling about, that way we can get the right documents or notes up to answer your query quickly instead of calling you back and calling you back to get the query and then calling you back again to answer it.
  • Only call when it is a good time to call; don’t abort the call when you are trying to do ten things at once and forget what you were going to say or get in a muddle and also only call when you’re in a good place to call – we can’t hear with busy road traffic or restaurant noise behind you.
  • Remember we are helping you seek your future job and next step on the career ladder; please be professional, we are not your mate, buddy or ‘babe’ (yes, that has been said to us); be professional and keep things in context.
  • Don’t be too long; as we said, we’re busy recruitment consultants in Cambridge, we will start doing something else if your message goes on and on, then you’ll lose our attention.
  • We’ve all had that voicemail where we have had to listen to it 10-15 times to catch all the digits of the telephone number or the important details the caller has sped through. Please don’t be that speedy person who rushes through the message, especially when you’re leaving your number for us to return the call!
  • Finally, and while it does bring a smile to our face – don’t start your message with “Hi, How are you?” – You won’t get an answer to this question as my voicemail doesn’t know how I am.

While some of these points may seem obvious they are well worth a quick read through because when you are leaving a message for your recruiter it is like your first impression is being made in some cases as we have not spoken to you before; we will be assessing your ability to communicate correctly as this is an important skill in many job roles.

How to Leave an Effective Voicemail

Leaving an effective voicemail is really simple; the key is to be clear, concise and succinct; it is likely you’re asking me to return your call so I don’t need the whole story. Just let me know who you are, what the call is regarding, how I can call you back (state your telephone number slowly and clearly) and when (nobody like voicemail tennis that can last for days on end).

If you’ve left an effective voicemail then you can expect a speedy response we can jump straight to action as we will know exactly how we can help you.