Your Minimum Legal Requirements As An Employer

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Your Minimum Legal Requirements As An Employer

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As an employer, if you employ more than one person you are obliged, under the current employment law, to have a minimum of four documents in place.

The four documents are:

  • Contract of Employment (issued within 8 weeks of employment)
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Health & Safety Policy

By having these documents in place will allow you to protect your business and your employees. If you fail to have these key documents in place and carried out a process that was not in line with current employment law you could find yourself in an employment tribunal. Not only may you find that you have to pay out compensation but you may incur legal costs to defend the case, this could also impact on your brand and reputation.

If you find yourself in conflict with an employee and do not have these documents in place you could lose on a technicality and at that point your only option would be damage limitation. Ignorance is no defence…’s your responsibility as a managing director/owner to ensure you are working within the lines of the law.

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