Why Do I Have To Do It Your Way?

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Why Do I Have To Do It Your Way?

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The team here at aspire cambridge have a huge wealth of experience in recruitment and strong backgrounds in their specialist sectors and industries. Working with temporary, contract and permanent candidates we are experienced in dealing with a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds and levels of experience.

We know that job hunting and finding that right position can be stressful, but we also know that the processes and systems we use work. They mean that we have all the information we need from a candidate so we are ready to present them to the client in the best way possible to give them the best chance of sealing their dream job. Equally, when agency workers are on assignment through us, we have processes to follow to ensure consistency of service in addition to the heavily legislated compliance that our industry enforces.

Recently we received a call from an “agency worker” and our Temps Consultant was unavailable. As our Temps Consultant was unavailable, we offered assistance and the response we received was “can you just tell me [subject matter], its bad enough that I have to speak to you as [Temps Consultant] isn’t available and now you’re asking me to do xyz.”

The short answer to this question is that as your employment business, we have a process that we all have to follow and we are happy to explain it to you if and when required. However, what we are not happy about is the manner in which some of the questions are asked and very rarely, threats that are made. In addition, if that type of call is made to us, what does that say about how they communicate with their hiring manager?

We are happy to explain to candidates and clients alike about how our processes work and why we do things the way in which we do. What we do not appreciate is the way in which we are spoken to at times like this.

As we said earlier, we understand job hunting can be very stressful, but if we were to speak to our clients like that, or even the manager of the company we work for, we would have some serious bridges to build and may even find ourselves hunting for a job too!

How our candidates communicate with us, is how we feel they will communicate with our client and if they’re rude to us they will be rude to our clients. Do you think we would put someone that spoke to us rudely forward to our client for a role?