When Should You Quit Your Job As A Financial Controller?

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When Should You Quit Your Job As A Financial Controller?

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Quitting your job as a financial controller should be as simple as coming across a better opportunity and leaving to take that better opportunity on. However, there may be times when you feel the need to quit your job as a financial controller even if there is no opportunity lined up.

While quitting your job as a financial controller may still be the right decision it should not be a decision that is taken lightly. Whatever you do, aspire cambridge believe that you shouldn’t rush into quitting your job in the heat of the moment and make sure you give this important decision the time it deserves.

However, there are five reasons we think you should quit your role as a financial controller, even if you don’t have the next opportunity lined up, and these are as follows;

If Your Professional Integrity Is Comprised
It is essential that you always follow that gut instinct and listen to that nagging worry; if you have the slightest of feelings that your professional integrity is being comprised then stop and think because if you ignore this nagging doubt it could be the worst decision you ever make.

If Your Personal Brand Is Being Damaged
If you are in a position as financial controller and you feel that being associated with the company you work for will do damage to your personal brand and credibility then you need to get out quickly before more damage is done. This kind of damage can be very hard to undo and could seriously affect your future.

If You Are Not Engaged
Not being engaged in your role as financial controller, or not being engaged with the business isn’t something that happens over night and it is likely you have felt this way for some time. Perhaps you feel the job market is too tough, the pay is really good or it’s too hard to leave your comfort zone? Whatever the reason you’re not engaged, if you are not engaged in your role or the company you work for then it will be obvious to everyone else. You’ll also find you won’t be doing the best job you can do; Quit your job now before your poor performance defines you.

If Your Stress Levels Are Through The Roof
If you are stressed this will seriously affect your physical and mental health; becoming burnt out through work is a dangerous place to be. If you find that your stress levels are continuously through the roof you need to acknowledge this and look to make changes, in some cases this may mean quitting your job as a financial controller for this business.

If Your Family Needs You
There will be times that your family urgently need you and if your employer is unable to understand this then you need to leave. There is nothing more important than your family and if you are trying to juggle there urgent needs while meeting work commitments can be extremely tricky. If your employer does not allow you to put your family first in case of an emergency then this is not an employer you should be working for.