What’s The Real Reason You’re Looking For A New Job?

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What’s The Real Reason You’re Looking For A New Job?

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People can want to leave an existing job for a wide range of reasons; sometimes it is low pay, they want to take the next step in their career ladders, not enjoying the commute to work, wanting a better work-life balance, not being passionate about the job or industry and many other reasons.

It is important that you take the time to identify why you want to leave your existing position because this will help you make the next step; for example if the reason you want to find a new job is because of someone you work with then your manager or HR representative can work to resolve this and if you have a key role in the business your employer may be willing to offer you more money or changes to stay.

Here at aspire cambridge we will always ask our job hunting candidates why they want to leave their existing job and if they say it is because they want a new challenge or more money but are actually happy with their colleagues and the company then we will always recommend they go back to their employer and discuss these concerns as counter offers are often made by the existing company and the candidate chooses to stay.

We very often work with candidates that are made a counter offer that they feel is too good to refuse, but this will not work out and they are soon hunting for a new job again as they didn’t take the time to look at the real reason for leaving their existing job; if you don’t get on with a colleague or enjoy your job, the extra money will soon not be enough of a reason to stick around.

If you have decided that now is the time to get a new job, to update your CV or to check out the jobs that are currently on the market, we highly recommend that you stop and think about the reason you want to find a new job and if a change in your existing role could make you stay in your current position.

However, if you have decided that you definitely need a new job and you are keen to leave you existing employer then check out our latest vacancies or give one of our friendly recruitment consultants a call on 01223 855440 to find out about the jobs we have that will suit your needs and requirements.