The Forced Approach Was Needed

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The Forced Approach Was Needed

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We were recently working with a client in the finance and accountancy sector that was becoming extremely stressed. They urgently needed someone to fill a roll within their business, but they didn’t have the time to sit down and go through the CVs they had received and the managers at the firm were often at other offices across the world and didn’t have the time to complete interviews.

What the company needed was for the replacement to come in and fix the problem; they didn’t want a temporary candidate to fill the role until they had more time as this time may never come. The company wanted a permanent person to come in to the business, do a great job and stay with them for the foreseeable future.

The issue that was stressing everybody in the company out was that there just seemed to be no time to sit down and meet a candidate – here at aspire cambridge we knew we had the perfect candidate for the client; they had all the skills and experience required as well as some of their desirables too.

We knew the client had to meet the candidate as they would fall in love with them and all the stress would quickly disappear; so, we took on the forced approach.

Every single day we called and emailed to check when they were free to interview the client. From our vast experience and in-depth background in the finance and accountancy sector we know that good candidates go fast and this was not a candidate we wanted our client to miss out on.

We explained to the company that our emails and calls were a matter of urgency and that we were strongly recommending they find some time in their busy schedules to meet this candidate because otherwise they would really be missing out.

After days of calls and emails, and reassuring the candidate that the business was a great match for them, we finally got an interview date in and within one week the candidate was starting work with the client.

Shortly after we received an email from the client to thank us for our firm approach as they could now see they really would have missed out on a golden opportunity if we hadn’t been chasing them for interview dates.

From the moment we met the finance and accountancy candidate we knew they would be the perfect match for the client; if we didn’t match them we would have failed both parties and that is not something that sits right with the team here at aspire cambridge – we will always do our best for our clients and candidates in everything that we do.

If you have a role in the finance and accountancy sector that you are struggling to fill then why not contact us directly on 01223 855440, we would be only too happy to help.