It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

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It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

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The team here at aspire cambridge recently put together a very impressive presentation to a large firm in Cambridge to become a preferred supplier for their firm; before the presentation we had put together a proposal including what we could offer and why we felt we were best placed to help the firm with their recruitment services and needs.

On being invited to present for them, based on the proposal, we were surprised to see we had not been asked for our costs or pricing structure for the recruitment services we offer.

We completed our presentation to the group of directors from the firm and when asked if they had any questions they stated they did not and were happy to use us as a preferred supplier for their recruitment needs in Cambridge going forward.

They then asked if we had any questions, and unusually we were quite gob-smacked. We stated we were surprised that the firm had not asked about our costs or pricing structures and the answer from the directors left us even more gobsmacked.

The directors stated that in the past they had recruited based on price and the lowest price didn’t always get them the best service; ‘buy cheap and buy twice’. This wasn’t a way their firm wanted to work. So instead they chose to have no costing or price knowledge at this stage which meant their decision was based purely on level of service; the procurement team could deal with the pricing later, but they were focused on service.

This firm wanted a recruitment agency they could trust and work with for the long-term; not a cheap agency that could be here today and gone tomorrow.

While this is not unusual for a firm to want to build a strong working relationship and relationship with our team, it was a refreshing meeting. To know that this firm wanted the best and not just the cheapest was great to see and hear. Knowing that a decision is made around service and not price enables us to have a confident spring in our step because our level of service is something we feel cannot be matched.