How To Make That Perfect Sales Call

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How To Make That Perfect Sales Call

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In many sales and marketing roles you will find that part of your description includes a marketing hour, sales calls, calling prospective clients or cold calling people. However experienced you may be in sales and marketing, making that first sales call of the day can be daunting – but why does cold calling and sales calls make people nervous?

For many it is the fear of rejection but the worst thing that can happen is that the person on the other end of the phone can say No; then you say thank you for their time, hang up and call the next person on the list. Once you have completed that first successful call you will feel on top of the world and soon making sales calls will feel like second nature.

If you are reading this and can already feel your hands sweating and knees knocking at the thought of making your next sales call then aspire cambridge have put together some top tips to help you make that perfect sales call;

Prepare Your Pitch
While you don’t want to sound like a robot reading for a script, you need to plan and prepare a pitch that you can use a guide to help you stay on track. Make sure you use your own personality and words as you will be able to convey your message in a more real and effective way.

Believe In It
You need to believe in the product or service that you are selling because if you don’t then who will? There will be no passion or truth in your tone and the person you are trying to sell to will be able to tell; leaving you struggling to ever make or close a sale.

Stand Up And Smile
Smile and stand up when you are talking to a prospective customer, people buy from people and when you stand and smile you’ll feel happier and more confident which will come across in your voice. Very rarely will a person be rude or nasty to you and if they are don’t take it personally; you may have just caught them in the middle of something or on an off day. Don’t dwell on it, be polite, laugh it off and make that next call.

Overcome Those Objections
Make sure you have had training on the types of objections to expect and how you can overcome them. People will make an excuse for why they do not want to buy your service or product so make sure you are prepared to overcome these, practice will make perfect.

Listen To The Prospective Client
Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, or even better a CRM system – if the prospective client asks for a call in the afternoon, the next day or the next week then make sure you call them then and not before. The last thing you want to become is that annoying caller that they dread hearing from.

Don’t Give Up
Research shows that a majority of sales people don’t make that second sales call, while 80% of sales requires up to 5 follow up calls; while we do not recommend pestering the prospective client you need to be persistent at times that suit your client.

Don’t forget, the business you work for, and many more businesses out there, has started and grown because someone at sometime has called someone about something. Your marketing hours and sales calls will help your business grow.