How Long Is Too Long?

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How Long Is Too Long?

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Here at aspire cambridge we want to ensure we find the right company for the candidate and the right candidate for the company; it’s not. Think  about getting bums on seats for us, it is about matching the client and candidate perfectly so they will live ‘happily ever after’ for the long term; especially in permanent roles.

This is why we will always ask the candidate how far they are willing to travel and what geographical areas they are willing to and unwilling to work in and commute to daily. While the position may be the dream job for a candidate, the long commute can soon take the shine away and before we know it the candidate is dreading going to work each day due to the journey.

We know that some candidates enjoy a long commute as it gives them a chance to wind-down from their day, listen to their favourite radio station or catch up on their book if they are travelling by public transport; while others want a short journey to and from work as they have young children they want to see before bed time, for example.

We have worked with clients that will not consider any candidates that live over a one hour commute from their office and we have worked with many candidates that are fed up of the ling commute and want a job closer to home; that said many people will have moved to a nicer area that might be out in the sticks but they are willing to do the long commute so they can have their dream home and dream job.

It is important to think about how far you are willing to travel but also how long you are happy to travel to get to work; while an office may be 15 miles away, in rush hour traffic it could take nearly an hour to get there – this can often be the case in Cambridge.

If you are an employer and looking for new employees, even if they live far away they may still be willing to travel to work for you; just double check they don’t mind that distance and time of commute – after all, it is their decision to take on this commute.

If you are a candidate looking for your next job, no matter how wonderful the fit, great the job and lovely the company – make sure you think twice about the travel time and commute, because you will be doing it twice a day, 5 days a week.