A Day In The Life Of A HR Consultant

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A Day In The Life Of A HR Consultant

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Jenna Gorham MCIPD is a HR Consultant at aspire cambridge, she’s responsible for managing and developing our breadth of telephone, online and onsite support Human Resource services. In 2016 Jenna successfully bought our HR Consultancy offering in-house and has grown our portfolio of dedicated clients requiring an outsourced HR function from just six to over sixty five.

We asked Jenna what a typical day is like for her.

My alarm goes off at…

I always set my electronic alarm for 6.30am but more often than not I am woken up most mornings by my toddler alarm around 6am……. ‘Morning Mumma’

Every morning generally consists of juggling – catching up with emails, bottles of milks, social media posts, breakfasts/ pack-ups and like any other working parent, ensuring everyone is out of the door on time ready for a hard days graft!

I’m responsible for…

Providing HR advice and support to over 60 clients mainly across East Anglia. Many of our clients have less than 100 employees and therefore do not have a dedicated HR person.  All our services are provided on a pay as you go basis which allows our clients full time access to a qualified HR consultant at a part time cost.

I got the job…

I had worked for a previous employer for 6 years when I then went on to Maternity Leave. Towards the end of that years leave I decided I was ready for a new challenge and was very excited to see the opportunity to grow a HR Consultancy business within an established recruitment agency – aspire cambridge ltd. I was offered the job after an intense 3 hour interview based on my extensive knowledge skills and experience across different sectors over the last 15 years

My typical day…

There is no typical day and that’s what I love the most about my role! You never know who is on the end of the phone when it rings, what query someone may have, how I might add value to someone’s business that day and so on……

The worst part of my job..

Is when I call a prospect business to explain the services we offer; sometimes employers think they are exempt from employment law, do not appreciate the importance of having the correct policies, procedures and contracts of employment in place or do not believe me when I say we offer a FREE HR Health Check. It honestly is free….no strings attached!

The best part of my job…

The variety in the day, adding value to businesses, satisfaction of solving HR related problems, being able to communicate the technicalities of HR law with a simple, pragmatic and user friendly approach.

I love HR because…

I thrive on fairness, helping individuals and businesses exceed their potential, solving problems and love the feeling that I have supported someone or added value to their business and the diverse scenarios I am exposed to regularly.

My biggest HR success story

All of my success stories are confidential due to the nature of the beast but in brief I supported a business with an extremely complex case involving an employee with mental health issues. At the time of taking the case on, there was a high risk to the business related to discrimination and a possible claim for constructive or unfair dismissal. With my support and advice the situation was resolved, no compensation payments were made nor was there a tribunal claim was made against them.

After work…

I am back to the family life, tantrums, dinners, bath time, checking emails, social media and preparing for the following day! Work, sleep, eat, repeat with a twist of family fun time!

My Plan B:

I am very lucky to have found my niche in life, no Sunday night blues for me and I love what I do even when I hate it! I have HR running through my veins so no Plan B is required.

Do you like the sound of Jenna’s day? Find out more about a career in human resources at aspire cambridge by contacting our Managing Director, Kelly Haston here >>