How could benefits boost productivity in your workplace?

//How could benefits boost productivity in your workplace?

How could benefits boost productivity in your workplace?

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Keeping employees motivated is key to a productive and happy workplace for both the employee and the employer. Benefits and incentives throughout your employee’s day to day jobs could be the answer to boosting productivity. aspire cambridge believe a variation of benefits within the office can effectively motivate committed employees to reach their full potential.

It’s simple, with the right environment, you achieve the right goals and you will place your staff in a situation where they are driven to succeed. In an ever increasing competitive job market, it really is important that businesses continue to invest in rewarding their people’s career development.


In a modern workplace, the traditional notion of 9-5 working is outdated and does not necessarily represent a flexible window for all your employees. The nature of your business may affect how much flexibility you are able to offer your staff but considering implementing some degree of flexible working may improve the productivity of individuals who work to their best at certain times. Just because your employee is sitting at their computer from 9 – 5 does not necessarily mean they are 100% productive!

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

The laws on flexible working have changed and here at aspire cambridge we help to ensure that your business is compliant with a flexible working policy. Take a look at our blog on flexible working regulations for more information. 

Team Building

Team building events can help to increase the team work dynamic within your workplace through rewarding your workers with fun activities out of the office. This could be as simple as catered lunches or as elaborate as a water sports day! Why not have a look at some of the team building days we have been on here at aspire cambridge? 

Training opportunities

Offering your employees the chance to learn new skills and improve their current ones is a win-win situation. Your team will be pleased to advance their abilities and as a whole your team will grow stronger through gaining valuable training. These opportunities could range from sponsored degrees to occasional training days but it is sure to boost your office production.

Family care

Family care programmes are a good way to lower stress and boost productivity throughout the office these could include child care, elderly care, pet care and other forms of care which could benefit your employees. This will show the importance of care for your workers’ families and lives outside the office.

Rewarding Achievement

In any company’s benefit programme, there should be an element of rewarding talent and good performance. Regularly rewarding employees for their hard work instead of just at holiday seasons will help staff recognise when they are performing well and will create a clear level of expectation in the workplace.

Rewarding your team with benefits is a good way to boost your workplace motivation and productivity which in turn can create a hard working culture. aspire cambridge understand the challenges within a modern workplace and we are available to assist you with any HR issue or query.

If you would like to know more about how aspire cambridge could help you, call one of our CIPD accredited consultants today on 01223 855441.