The Three Tier CV Process

//The Three Tier CV Process

The Three Tier CV Process

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Amy Coe AIRP is aspire cambridge’s temporaries recruitment consultant and has a successful work record placing candidates in temp, temp to perm and contact roles. There is a vast amount of knowledge and preparation that goes into the recruitment process providing her clients and candidates with the best possible service. The three-tier CV process is the strategy Amy uses to achieve the highest levels of quality and service expectations from that of her clients. To ensure the best possible response form her clients and candidates, Amy submits at least three suitable CV’s for each role using the three-tier process;

1. The Candidate Fits the Job Specification

When Amy begins the recruitment process the first candidate she sends through is one who generally fits the job specification for the role. This candidate will have the basic experience and qualifications for the description and will be able to perform to a standard the client would expect. This would ensure that the least a client would require from a candidate would be an ideal fit for the role in question.

2. The Candidate with Higher Experience

The second CV that is sent to the client is of the candidate who displays a higher level of experience and skills than what is expected from the job description. By sending a CV with slightly more experience than required, the client will be able to decide whether the role is possibly more suited toward a more experienced candidate or whether the minimum is required.

3. The Candidate with Vast Amount of Experience

The final CV which Amy sends to a client is one in which provides a vast amount of experience in the field and a candidate who would be seeking a higher reward in exchange for services. The client then has the choice as to whether they would consider raising the salary for this particular candidate in exchange for their skills and knowledge of the specified area.

This three-step process allows both the client and candidate to achieve the best fit for the role with the range of specifically screened CV’s.

aspire cambridge work differently to achieve the perfect tailored approach, Amy says: “We invest in understanding our client requirements and provide this unique service offering to guarantee success when placing agency workers in our local business community.

An increased number of organisations are choosing to hire agency workers right now and often go on to employ them permanently; 76% of the Temps that we place are then taken on by that company on a permanent basis. This can be in the same role, or in many cases our clients will choose to create a new position for the recruit because they made such a great impression! There are a number of reasons why hiring a temp will benefit your business

Get in touch with Amy today to discuss how aspire cambridge could assist your business with our tailored approaches at 01223 855440 or email Amy here.