A Guide to Temporary Assignment Charges

//A Guide to Temporary Assignment Charges

A Guide to Temporary Assignment Charges

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When you work with an employment business to find the perfect agency worker for your interim assignment there may be areas of the contract that you’d appreciate further understanding of in order to avoid confusion for all parties concerned.

You may require assistance in understanding the procedures taken if you find the services of an agency worker to be unsatisfactory.

aspire cambridge offer a clear guide to dealing with such circumstances to assist you:

1. The Hirer undertakes supervision

As an employer you have a responsibility to supervise the agency worker to ensure that your expectations are being upheld. This requires you to monitor the agency workers standard of work throughout the assignment.

2. The Hirer may terminate the Assignment if deemed unsatisfactory

If the hirer believes that the agency worker is reasonably not working to satisfactory standards, the hirer has the right to terminate the assignment. You are permitted to inform the agency worker of this decision asking them to leave immediately or by directing the Employment Business to remove the agency worker.

3. The Employment Business holds the right to reduce or cancel the charges

In discretion the employment business may reduce or cancel the charges for the time worked by that agency worker, provided that the hirer has notified the employment business immediately that they have asked the agency worker to leave the assignment or the assignment terminates:

  • within 4 hours of the Agency Worker commencing the Assignment where the assignment is more than 7 hours; or
  • within 2 hours for assignment of 7 hours or less.

This is also providing that notification of the unsuitability of the agency worker is confirmed in writing to the employment business within 48 hours of the termination of the assignment.   

If you have any further queries about the temporary worker procedures call our offices on 01223 855440.