The Employer Benefits Of Working With An Employment Agency

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The Employer Benefits Of Working With An Employment Agency

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Businesses throughout Cambridge, Kettering and Milton Keynes looking for a recruitment agency turn to the experienced recruitment consultants at aspire cambridge for their recruitment needs every day; but what are the benefits of working with an employment agency for a business?

Many businesses will choose to work with an employment agency to save them the time of having to trawl through numerous CVs and job applications from candidates who may not even be suitable for the job role or have the experience required, so they will work with an employment agency who can do this for them.

However this is just one of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency for businesses, we have listed some more popular benefits below;

Recruitment Agencies Save Time

The recruiting and hiring process is extremely time-consuming as you need to go through lots of CVs and job applications, contact candidates for phone interviews, arrange interview times, interviews with the candidates, check references and so much more. When you work with a recruitment agency they do all of this for you and only send you the best candidates for your role which saves your business, employees and yourself lots of time.

Recruitment Agencies Have The Best Candidates

High quality and experienced recruitment agencies will have high quality candidates on their books that are already looking for work. The talented candidates already registered on their books means that you could employ the ideal candidate into your business sooner rather than later. Remember that recruitment agencies not only work with active jobseekers but passive candidates too. Passive candidates are candidates not quite ready to launch a job search but interested to receive alerts of new opportunities coming to the market.

Recruitment Agencies Know Where To Advertise

A recruitment agency will have experience recruiting for your role and industry so they will know where your candidates are and how they can be attracted to your job role. An experienced and professional recruitment agency will not advertise your job role everywhere in the hope of finding the right candidate; they will target the right candidates in the right place and in the right way.

Recruitment Agencies Are Experienced

With so many different levels to the recruitment process including sorting through job applications, interviewing, screening, reference checks and hiring – a lot of different skills are needed. A recruitment agency has all these skills and each level of the recruitment process can be completed with ease and minimal stress to the business when they choose to work with a recruitment agency. When working with a recruitment agency or business such as aspire cambridge, you’ll be sure to be working with industry accredited recruitment consultants 

Recruitment Agencies Work With Both Parties

A recruitment agency will work with you as the client and the candidate to help ensure both parties know what to expect from each other, the job role, the brand and the responsibilities included in the job role to ensure there are no unexpected surprises and both parties’ needs, wants and expectations are met.

When looking to work with a recruitment agency in Cambridge it is not all about the cost; it is important that you find a recruitment consultant that you can work with, that understands your needs and will be honest with you and offer transparent solutions.

Why not call the professional team of recruitment consultants here at aspire cambridge on 01223 855440 to see how we can benefit your business?