The Recruitment Process: Pre Selection

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The Recruitment Process: Pre Selection

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This is our 4th blog in a series of 6 blog posts from aspire cambridge that we have created to help our clients and other businesses with the complex recruitment process. We have previously spoken on Workforce Planning, Defining the Need and Attracting Candidates and now we are ready to move onto step four of the recruitment process – Pre Selection.

What Is The Pre Selection Stage Of The Recruitment Process?

The pre selection stage of the recruitment process is where you can begin looking at CVs and cover letters to create a short list of suitable candidates for your job role. It is a process where you compare CVs, cover letters and application forms to the job description and person specification to find a match.

This is also a stage in the recruitment process where an experienced recruitment consultant can really save you time as they can pre select a small selection of suitable candidates for you to interview which saves you the time of trawling through numerous candidates and their details which can be extremely time consuming; very often a professional recruitment consultant will have a selection of professional candidates on their books already that could be perfect for your job role.

How to Create a Short List and Pre Select

It is a good idea to create a scoring matrix based on the job description and person specification to mark the CVs as this will help you to sift through the candidates. You are ideally looking to pre select no more than 7-9 candidates from this initial stage of pre selection.

Take your time to read through the CVs, applications and cover letters to ensure that the candidates experiences not only fit with the job role they are applying for but also that the candidate themselves and their style, pastimes or hobbies fits with the culture of your business and the team they will be working with.

You do not need to interview every single person that applies for the job role, you may choose to but this can take up lots of time and sometimes it can be very clear from the CV, cover letter or application form that the candidate is not suitable for the job role or your business anyway.

Other articles in this series of six blog posts include workforce planning, defining the need, attracting candidatesassessing candidates and the selection decision.