The Recruitment Process: Attracting Candidates

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The Recruitment Process: Attracting Candidates

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As experienced recruitment consultants and human resource specialists in Cambridgeshire, the team here at aspire cambridge understand how complex, extended and costly the recruitment process can be for so many businesses; no matter their shape or size. This is why we have created a series of six blog posts that will help you understand the six main parts of the recruitment process.

In previous blog posts we have spoken about how to implement workforce planning into your benefits of doing so and in another blog post we spoke about defining the need for a employee including a job analysis, the job description and the person specification. Now we would like to talk about the 3rd part of the recruitment process for businesses; Attracting Candidates.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a line of excellent and talented professionals just waiting to work for you? By following these top tips for attracting candidates this could be exactly what could happen for your business.

Who Is Your Ideal Candidate To Attract?

Take the time to look at your job description and person specification to decide who the right person may be for your job role and your company. By thinking about the ideal candidate you want in your business you will find it much easier to attract them as you will know which channels to use because you’ll understand what channels they use and engage with.

Where Can I Attract Candidates?

By understanding who your ideal candidate is, it will be easier to choose the right channels to find them. For example, not every candidate may be looking on job boards but they could be on Linkedin or other social media pages and forums seeking a new job. Social media is also a brilliant way to entice people to a new job when they might not even be actively searching for a change in career or company.

By being as creative as possible in regards to the channels you use as well as how you advertise the role you will get more people to engage and it will be more likely that you’ll attract the right candidates to your company.

Good Employee Branding Helps Attract Candidates

If you are a stellar employee brand this will help you attract a pool of talent so take the time to power and strengthen your employee brand. This could be done in the form of employees blogging, putting employees up for awards, promoting how committed you are to career development, celebrating employment milestones of the employee and also offering continual training for employees. These are things that attract a candidate to your business because they can see how well employees are treated.

If you need help attracting candidates to your business or job role then please contact our team of experienced and professional recruitment consultants in Cambridge on 01223 855440 who will be only too happy to help attract candidates to your role, but also share ideas and advice of how you can attract future candidates to your business.

Other articles in this series of six blog posts include workforce planning, defining the need, pre-selection, assessing candidates and the selection decision.