The Candidate Strikes Back

The Candidate Strikes Back explores the changing relationship between jobseekers and hirers in a candidate-driven market.

Businesses are looking to hire the best talent. But skills shortages are rife across the economy, and it’s getting harder for employers to find the people they need.

Despite this, the candidate experience is getting worse, not better, and this is bad news for organisations looking to hire.

The Candidate Strikes Back sets out the business case for investing in a quality candidate experience. It makes recommendations for recruiters and employers wanting to get it right.

Key findings of the report:   

  • More employers are competing for the attention of quality candidates.
  • Candidates share their experiences – especially negative ones – and this has implications for employer brand.
  • There is a discrepancy between what employers and what candidates think is important within the recruitment process.
  • Employers are failing to ask candidates to feed back on their recruitment processes, and are missing out on insight that can help them improve.

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