Using An Open Day For Hospitality Recruitment

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Using An Open Day For Hospitality Recruitment

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Open Days are a very popular solution for larger restaurants and catering businesses looking to recruit multiple people for hospitality roles, especially for new or recently extended restaurants; but could an open day help you with your hospitality recruitment needs?

The idea behind an open day is to have a full day of interviews, this means that everyone who has shown an interest in working for you will be interviewed on the same day and although it can be a very long and exhausting day for those interviewing the candidates, it can be a very successful and beneficial day as you may find all the right candidates.

The benefit of an open day for hospitality recruitment is that you can take a whole day out of your diary instead of fixing interviews around work and work around interviews which makes work easier and more productive for you.

However, the downside of an Open Day for hospitality recruitment may be that you are happy to invite everyone for interview and you may have people not showing up, candidates that are not suitable and late arrivals, resulting in the candidates that arrived on time having to wait around to be seen for an interview.

Here at aspire cambridge we can work with you to organise an open day for your hospitality recruitment needs. Our hospitality recruitment specialists can deal with all the applicants for the hospitality roles you are recruiting for; they can select the best candidates for you, arrange the times of interviews and ensure that the candidates will arrive on time for their interviews. We can even help you on the open day itself with your interviews.

Some catering and hospitality companies use an open day to showcase their own business to the candidates too, offering tours of the business and giving out information about the business so the candidates can gain a real feel of the company they will be working for and people they will be working with.

If you think an open day could be the solution for your hospitality recruitment needs but you need our support and experience then drop our specialist hospitality recruiters a line, they will be only too happy to help you organise a successful open day to help you recruit for your hospitality roles.