Struggling To Recruit Information Technology Professionals?

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Struggling To Recruit Information Technology Professionals?

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Many Information Technology companies struggle with recruitment; either struggling to get any traction from job adverts or just finding all the wrong candidates for the IT role they are recruiting for.

aspire cambridge have been recruiting for the IT industry since 2008 so we know that some IT roles can be trickier to recruit for than others and recently hiring for the IT sector does seem to be more competitive, so we have put together some top tips and guidelines to help you recruit your dream information technology professional and boost your success rate when it comes to recruiting for IT roles.

As a recruitment agency ourselves we are obviously going to recommend that you partner with an IT recruitment firm to find the best talent, but you’d be surprised at how much easier recruiting can be when you work with a specialist IT recruitment consultant to help you fill the role. They will have experience in niche positions and relationships with the sorts of people you want to employ for your business. They know how to contact the right talent for your business, even those that are happy in their position but always open to new and exciting opportunities elsewhere that will allow them to grow in their role. Our network of IT professionals doesn’t just apply to active jobseekers, we have strong relationships with a vast number of passive candidates that when offered an opportunity of interest, they’d jump!

A really good way to attract new candidates to your IT business is to boost the recruitment reputation of your business, by this we mean that you should engage with influencers on social media and keep your social media at the strongest it can be, this will open your company to a whole new pool of talent you weren’t even aware that you had. By partnering with a specialist IT recruitment agency, like us, you’ll automatically improve your recruiting brand as you’re working with forward-thinking consultants who stay abreast of the latest tech and IT developments.

Think about the talent you already have in your business too and consider an employee social referral program. This allows your existing talent to reach out to similar talented people they may know through previous companies and networking; it will also bring friendships into the business which can help create good team morale, plus they are likely to have the same values as your existing talent and your business, making them a great fit.

It is essential that you effectively communicate with the IT candidates that apply for a role in your business because during every step of the recruitment process the candidate is building up an impression of your company, who you are and if you are the sort of company that they want to work for. Give your specialist IT recruiter feedback for the candidate so they can use the candidates’ language to explain each step of the recruitment process and tell the candidate how they are getting on. And finally, don’t forget that IT candidates do not stick around for long – the cycle of the recruitment process can go from CV submission to offer in a matter of days – are you equipped to accelerate your process to guarantee the perfect hire?

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