Interview Questions For An Office Administrator

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Interview Questions For An Office Administrator

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We have a team of specialist office support recruiters here at aspire cambridge that deal with some of the best office support candidates in Cambridgeshire but sometimes when we speak to clients we find that they are more nervous about the interview than the candidates themselves so we’ve put together this list of questions that we recommend you ask when interviewing an office administrator for an office support role in your business.

Firstly, you need to remember that the role of an office administrator in Cambridgeshire can be varied from company to company and across different industries, so be clear in your job description of the duties that you desire and require from your candidate.

Will they be answering the phone, meeting and greeting clients, taking minutes in meetings, ordering products, etc? Do they need to be skilled in these areas or are there personality traits you would rather have, like friendly, professional and engaging with visitors and informative on the phone?

Bear in mind that in many cases your office administrator will be the first impression that visitors have of your company, either by phone, arriving at your business or via email communication.

Interview Questions Based On Experience

You will need to find out about the experience that your office administration candidate has so ask the candidate what experience they have in administrator roles, how the candidate keeps organised when they have lots going on, how they cope under stress, how they feel their role impacts the business and also ask for an example of great customer service that they have given.

This way you know if the candidate is skilled for this job role, but also how they will treat others in your team and your customers.

Interview Questions Based On Preference

This is where you get to go a little beneath the skin of a candidate and really find out if they are suited to an office administrator role in your business; by asking open questions where they are left to give their preference, and not the answer they think you want, you’ll be able to find out more about their suitability for the role in your company.

For example ask what the candidate likes most and least about the role of an office administrator, how they feel about multi-tasking, if they enjoy meeting new people and interacting face to face, over the phone and via email and then ask why they think it is important to be positive in the role of an office administrator.

Interview Questions Based On Skills

There are some skills that can be taught and others that can’t. As we mentioned earlier, you need to decide which skills you need from a candidate and which skills are desired but can be taught. Think about those skills that are needed such as use of excel spreadsheets and shorthand minute taking or touch typing.

Ask if the candidate has these skills, where they have practised these skills and how competent they are at using different skills or programs. It is then your choice if their proficiency is good enough for the office administrator role in your business.

Interview Questions Based On Your Company

This is your chance to get down to the nitty gritty and ask why they have applied for the role in your business. Give the candidate a chance to sell themselves to you and your business and this will give you the opportunity to see if they want to work for your company, want to work in an office administrator with your company or if the candidate just wants a job, somewhere, doing anything.

Ask questions like why the candidate wants to work for your business, why they feel they are suited to this role, where they see themselves after 3 years in this role but also give them a chance to ask any questions that they have about your business too.

If you are looking to recruit an office administrator in Cambridgeshire, or need to employ any office support role candidates then call our experienced team of office support recruiters who will be able to find the right candidates for your role and your business.