How To Spot A Successful Salesperson Or Marketer

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How To Spot A Successful Salesperson Or Marketer

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Here at aspire cambridge we have a team of specialist sales and marketing recruiters who have bucket loads of experience recruiting successful sales and marketing people for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. Clients will often ask us for a ‘successful salesperson’ or a ‘successful marketer’ but how can you tell if the person you are interviewing is a successful salesperson or marketer?

A successful marketer or salesperson will be somewhat of a ‘time lord’ (without the tardis), there are lots of ways to get distracted in the workplace and find yourself wasting time, but by recruiting a successful salesperson or marketer you will find that this person plans their time effectively, they will know exactly what they are going to do in each hour of the day and do so when they need to. They will know what sales calls to make and when, and how and when they are going to market your business.

When you employ a salesperson or marker that is successful you know they will be focused on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, as we touched on in our last point, a successful salesperson or marketer will plan their day and time to perfection, they will have researched the contacts they want to call, and looked at different places to market the business. You may find they also spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the day reviewing what they have achieved and preparing a list for the next day so they can get stuck in on arrival at the office.

One of the best things about employing a successful marketer or salesperson is that they don’t make empty promises, everything they say they will do you can rest assured that they will. This is a huge benefit for you, as the employer, because you know what you will get from them and that they can be relied upon, but it is also good for your customers who know they can trust your company.

We all like to be praised for doing a job well, but a successful salesperson or marketer will accept the praise for a job they have done well, while ensuring that others involved get the praise and thanks they deserve too. A successful marketer or salesperson will often be the first to congratulate others on their achievements because they are a team player.

Through their actions they will improve the morale of your team and improve the atmosphere in your business, making a successful salesperson or marketer a vital member of your business for more than just their success in sales!

If you are looking to recruit a successful salesperson or marketer in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or the UK for your business then why not give us a call, we will take the time to understand what you want from a salesperson or marketer before matching you with candidates that will fulfil all of your requirements.