How Can You Prevent Bullying In Your Workplace?

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How Can You Prevent Bullying In Your Workplace?

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Sadly bullying takes place in a wide range of businesses and industries, sometimes the bully is aware they are not being nice and other times the bully will not realise what they are saying is hurting the feelings of other people. But, if someone feels that they are being bullied or harassed in your workplace, as their line manager and the person they have told, it is your job to deal with it.

Put An Anti-Bullying Policy In Place

To prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace aspire cambridge strongly recommend that you implement a strict zero-tolerant bullying policy, have this displayed and on view to employees and ensure that it is supported and taken seriously by all managers and supervisors within your business.

Have An Open Door Policy

Ensure you have an open-door policy when it comes to bullying and harassment, hold regular meetings or training sessions that look at workplace bullying and harassment in the workplace to ensure that all employees understand what can be taken as harassment or bullying and how to look out for bullying behaviour.

Deal With Issues Immediately

If any bullying or harassment matters are bought to your attention make sure you deal with them immediately. Do not sit back in the hope they will go away, if a member of your team is upset and they feel that the matter has not been dealt with appropriately, they could leave your business for another job or they could be the only ones to come forward and others are feeling bullied or harassed by this person.

Investigate Matters Fully

It is essential that you fully and seriously investigate all bullying and harassment complaints, it may turn out that the employee that made the complaint was being over sensitive and it is a simple misunderstanding, but the matter is still worthy of your full attention as an employee in your business feels bullied or harassed.

Look At Your Work Environment

In some cases bullying stems from an overly competitive work environment which can create a dangerous and problematic atmosphere, make sure you look at the competition within your business and ensure your employees don’t feel threatened by their colleagues or look to sabotage colleagues efforts to make themselves look better.

Encourage Interaction

By encouraging management and staff interaction throughout your business you are creating an open door, approachable feeling for everyone. If everyone communicates and engages with each other easily then bullying and harassment is less likely, but it also means that if bullying and harassment does arise then people feel comfortable that they can report their concerns with ease.

Are There Bullying And Harassment Issues In Your Business?

Bullying and harassment can be extremely tricky to deal with in your own business, if you need HR support to deal with concerns of this manner please contact us directly on 01223 855441 – we will be only too happy to help you manage bullying and harassment concerns in your workplace quickly and effectively.