Golden Rules of Handling Employee Grievances

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Golden Rules of Handling Employee Grievances

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From time to time in business, employee grievances will arise and it is essential that these are dealt with effectively and efficiently in order to save management time and also to preserve and protect employee relations, while keeping the business out of employment tribunals.

We would like to give you the golden rules of handling employee grievances, but first we would like to talk a little more about employee grievances and what they actually are.

A grievance is a concern, problem, worry or complaint that is raised by an employee. The grievance could be about any number of issues including their workload, the working environment, their line manager, with a colleague or their pay and so on.

To ensure that a grievance is dealt with appropriately you need to deal with it at the earliest possible stage informally. if the matter cannot be resolved informally the employee has the right proceed through to the formal stages.

However big or small your business you must-have a formal grievance policy and procedure in place. The must be in line with the ACAS Code of Practice. You also need to state in your contracts of employment who an employee goes to if they have a grievance and how they complain about the way a grievance was handled if they need to.

The formal stages to the grievance procedure will explain that the employee needs to put in writing the nature of their grievance and explain how the employer is to deal with the grievance fairly and consistently. It is essential that, as an employer, you never ignore or laugh off any concern or complaint that is raised to you by an employee, however casual the manner or style in which the concern was raised.

The Golden Rules of Handling Employee Grievances

Here at aspire cambridge, we believe that these two golden rules when it comes to employee grievances that arise in your business you will be able to effectively resolve the concerns.

  • Ask the employee that has raised the grievance what the ideal outcome of the grievance will be for them; this way the employee will focus on the solution they want, as opposed to the problem but it will also help you know how to resolve the issue to the employees’ level of satisfaction, if this is possible.
  • As the scouts’ motto says, “Always be Prepared!” Ensure that you have an up to date, compliant grievance procedure in place and that it is published to all staff and readily available for anyone that may need it. Make sure that the grievance policy supports the resolution of grievance issues in your place of work

If you have concerns about putting together a grievance policy/ procedure or need to know more about how to handle a grievance then please feel free to give one of our HR Consultants a call on 01223 855441. We will be only too happy to help put your mind at rest so you know you are doing right by your employee and your business.