Are Soft Skills Important In Finance And Accounting Roles?

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Are Soft Skills Important In Finance And Accounting Roles?

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When recruiting for finance and accounting roles in Cambridgeshire you will have a job specification that lists the skills and experience you want your applicant to have, but have you thought about the soft skills that you would like you candidates to have?

aspire cambridge know that relevant technical skills and experience may get the candidate in front of you, but when you are looking at numerous finance and accounting candidates that all have the same technical skills and similar experience, there has to be something else that will differentiate those applying to work for your company.

Soft skills may seem like the latest buzz word in finance and accountancy recruitment, but soft skills are actually a really important part of finding the best candidate? Soft skills include a wide range of things such as the candidate’s ability to solve problems, to manage relationships, their work ethic along with their communication skills with clients, colleagues and management.

The thing with soft skills is that nothing is set in stone; instead they are skills that your candidates will have improved upon through personal and work relationships during their working life.

Soft skills can be improved by socialising with colleagues, so look for candidates that mention their previous colleagues and how they got on with them. A candidate that has strong soft skills in this area will also help build up team morale in your work place as communication throughout the business will be more free-flowing.

Research shows that employees learn 65% of their job role through communicating with others so you can clearly see how important this soft skill will be for finance and accounting roles in your business.

It has been proven that reading will also improve soft skills so when you are interviewing finance and accounting candidates take the time to ask them what they are currently reading and what they enjoy reading. Studies have suggested that a person who reads regularly will have more confidence, empathy and strong decision making skills.

We hope this article has shown you just how important soft skills can be to your business. If you need support in recruiting a finance and accountancy candidate for your business but are not sure of the soft skills they may require, then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist finance and accountancy recruiters who will be happy to help you create the perfect job spec for the perfect candidate.