Annual Leave Allows Employees To Work Hard And Play Hard

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Annual Leave Allows Employees To Work Hard And Play Hard

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We’ve all heard the sayings about working hard and playing hard, some of us may even have used it in a recruitment pitch when interviewing candidates for a role within your business, but how many of us really do work hard and play hard?

Annual leave allows your employees to play hard while they are away from the office, but it also means they should return from their time away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, motivated and maybe even have some fresh ideas about their role and the company. A healthy balance between work and time off is essential for a happy and healthy workforce and annual leave supports this.

But how does annual leave work in your business?

Here at aspire cambridge we are different to other recruitment agencies, we really care about our clients and want to help them in every way we can. This is why we offer a HR Consultancy service across Cambridgeshire, UK & Europe to help our clients with HR queries while keeping them in line with current employment law, news and best practice that can affect them or their employees.

Annual leave is often a sticky subject for business owners, while the business has a legal obligation to provide paid holiday entitlement, managing the paid holiday entitlement can be a little bit trickier for a business owner.

Working Time Directive

As part of the Working Time Directive every employee within the UK is legally entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks of annual leave per year; for a full-time employee this is 28 days annual leave a year while a part-time employees’ holiday allowance is worked on a pro-rata basis. The 28 days entitlement can include public and bank holidays. It is the policy of your business and your decision how you offer public and bank holidays in relation to annual holiday leave.

If you need help figuring out how much holiday an employee is due to receive, perhaps they have joined the company mid-year, only work a few days or hours a week or are leaving and may have holiday pay due then feel free to call us on 01223 855441. Our HR Consultant can help work out holiday annual leave allowance with you.

We can also suggest different ways you can keep track of holiday time so you and employees know how much holiday is due and how much has been used. This means that you will not be stuck at the end of the year with numerous days of holiday required by employees and not enough days to use it up or not enough staff to cover the holiday leaves of others.

On top of this, we can look at your HR policy for annual leave and help you decide what you will do with unused annual leave; can it be carried over to the next year, can an employee be paid for their unused annual leave days or will they miss out if they don’t use them?

Why not give us a call on 01223 855441 and arrange an appointment for us to look at your annual leave policies and suggest ways to make your annual leave arrangements easier for you..