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Adoption Leave Made Easy

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If you are the sort of manager that runs for the hills or goes into panic overdrive when you find out that a member of your team is looking to adopt and will therefore need adoption leave then this is a must-read article for you.

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My Employee Wants Adoption Leave

When a member of the team comes to you to says they are looking into adoption, or perhaps they have told you previously they are looking to adopt a child and now have a date the first thing you need to do is congratulate them. By being friendly, open and approachable about the situation you will make the process easier for everyone.

How Much Adoption Leave Do They Get?

Adoption leave is offered to all employees and allows an employee to have up to 52 weeks off, and can start up to 11 weeks before the point of matching child and parent. The amount of leave your employee chooses to take is their choice and the best you can do is be understanding and stay in touch in the run up to the adoption date and keep regular but friendly communication throughout their leave.

What Happens While They Are Away?

It is important to remember that while your employee is on adoption leave their job post must be left open, they can return to their exact same job after six months leave if they choose. This means that you may need to look at different options to cover their time off such as temporary workers, maternity cover or similar. Consider how you will deal with the training of staff to cover the employees’ time off; will the employee be involved in training the person covering their position?

What Happens When They Come Back?

By leaving the lines of communication open and staying professional, friendly and approachable you can understand if the employee is planning to return to work, on what level they are planning to return, in what capacity they will return to work and when.

Take the time to think about how the return to work process will be for the employee, they will have had many changes in their home life and could feel out of touch so look into ‘Keeping in Touch’ days where the employee can pop in for an hour or two a day or two a week and have meetings and updates of how things are going to keep them up to date. You could also invite the employee to training days and team building events too so they still feel part of the company.

If you have concerns about adoption leave or need to know more then please feel free to give our HR Consultants in Cambridge a call on 01223 855441, they will be only too happy to help put your mind at rest so you know you are doing right by your employee and your business.