Top 12 HR scenarios your company needs to know…

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Top 12 HR scenarios your company needs to know…

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At aspire cambridge, we get asked a range of HR related questions from employment law to how to deal with a difficult employee. As an employer it’s important to have a basic understanding of what to do when different HR scenarios come up.

We’ve put together some example questions we receive on HR scenarios that can sometimes cause a real headache for employers.

Can you answer the following twelve scenarios correctly?

  1. We have an employee who is pregnant, what is the process going forward and what payments and leave is she entitled to?
  2. We have received a request to reduce weekly hours – how do we deal with this?
  3. Who is entitled to paternity leave and what pay would they receive?
  4. We have an employee who has not turned up for work again today. They were spoken to about this last week, what do we do now?
  5. We have received a letter from a member of staff, complaining about his manager. How do we deal with this?
  6. A downturn in business is having a knock-on effect on roles and workload has reduced. What is the process to deal with this?
  7. We want to change our employment contracts so that we no longer pay company sick pay. Do we just write to those who currently receive this benefit advising them of the change?
  8. We would like to offer someone a job, what should be in the offer letter and under employment law what should a contract of employment contain?
  9. I need help writing a letter to reflect a salary increase for a member of staff
  10. We have someone on a fixed term contract who has been with us for 9 months. Can we extend the fixed term contract if this will take him past 12 months?
  11. Are you allowed to have flexi-time policy?
  12. I have a disciplinary meeting which I am chairing this week – what are the responsibilities of the person chairing the hearing? What shouldn’t I do in the hearing?

Many companies are unable to answer a lot of the questions above and are at risk of breaching employment law. Human Resource issues are vitally important to any business and could potentially cost a lot of money if a HR scenario is not properly addressed.

It is quite common that a company comes to aspire cambridge at their wits end with HR related matters, with an issue causing the manager a headache or a situation that is disrupting the day to day running of the business.

If you do not have all the answers, you want to ensure your business is fully compliant and deals with HR related matters in the correct way it may be time to talk to a HR consultant!

Jenna Gorham MCIPD
HR consultant, aspire cambridge

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