Mock interview success for year 11 students from Bottisham Village College

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Mock interview success for year 11 students from Bottisham Village College

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Benefits of preparing for real life interviews

Here at aspire cambridge we are big believers and investors in training and development. We are not different when it comes to helping students prepare for their future in the workplace. We were invited along to help the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) with mock interviewing for the year 11’s at Bottisham Village College, in Cambridge. We of course, jumped at the opportunity to help. In total, there were 12 businesses and 220 students attending the day of mock interviews. Laura Leonard MIRP CertRP and Emma Dixon, two of our senior recruitment consultants attended the day to support the interview initiative.

Today’s employment market is a competitive place, it’s so important that the future generation of employees are fully prepared for interview situations and are ready for real life workplace, higher education, university or apprenticeship interview scenarios.

We are strong believers in career training and development. To see that there are organisations set up to support students and provide them with the foundations to kick-start their career and education, is such a positive step in their futures.

Interview day with year 11 students

The day began with a brief and was broken down into two sessions. The objective of the day was for the students to be provided with the opportunity to practice interview techniques and experience real life interview situations. From this, it was straight into the 10 minute mock interview process for the year 11 students. All the students demonstrated confidence, and you would never know that there was a touch of nervousness in the air! Laura and Emma were provided with a stream of students, all lining up to be interviewed and ready to ask an array of questions. The atmosphere was nothing short of energetic, and enthusiastic. The engaged students took to the mock interviews like ducks to water.

Below is a brief outline of what happened during the day’s sessions.

  • Questioned students on career or educational goals
  • Provided Insight into how interview scenarios work
  • Tips on becoming career-ready and being self-confident
  • Helpful takeaway from the interviews, with valuable advice

Laura, our permanent recruitment consultant said, “I was very impressed with how confident the students were, they seemed to take on board everything I said, and I hope this will be of some help to them in the future.”

Emma our contact recruitment consultant added, “We spent part of the day conducting mock interviews for the Year 11’s at BVC. When asking about the future, it was very impressive to hear so many students who had very clear careers aspirations and goals. The students were very prepared and confident – it was a very successful and positive day.”

Why it’s important to invest in young peoples career paths?

In preparation for academic interviews, internships or employment, the mock interview sessions were set up for students to develop their ability to communicate effectively in an interview situation.

There has been a code set up by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) that gives guidance to schools and colleges in order to provide young people with the highest levels of advice, guidance and information to show and prepare the students with the options that are available to them.

Below is an outline of the code outlined by the ASCL.

  • Careers education and advice should be part of the curriculum, led by a senior leader
  • Partnerships should be built with businesses, to give young people work experience
  • Young people should be given opportunities within education, training and employment, to help better decisions being made on the their future
  • Parents and carers should be encouraged to be more actively involved, by attending option evenings and careers fairs
  • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds should be given help and support, through access to role models to build confidence and give guidance
  • Staff providing careers information and advice should receive regular training, keeping them up to date on market and qualification information

So, in essence, it’s important to have plans in place to assist students’ development and career progression. It will provide countless benefits to their future success! Hannah Oldridge, Career Education Information Advisor & Student Future Coordinator, said, “as a college we understand how important it is for our students to help set them up for the future. They have upcoming interviews, so we wanted to help set the students up for those. We are receiving nothing but positive feedback from the students from the day’s sessions.”

What a successful day

The day of mock interviews were a complete success. The students gave nothing but positive feedback from the day. Some of the comments that were given by the students; “helpful feedback”, “was given some great advice for future interviews”, and “it helped me decide on what to do and be like in an interview.” aspire cambridge were thrilled to be part of this initiative and delighted to be able to offer some expert advice to the students of Bottisham Village College. The cookies were amazing too!

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