Employee benefits of learning in a modern workplace

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Employee benefits of learning in a modern workplace

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Aspire Cambridge are big believers in investing in employee training and development. We see the value that this adds to us as a business, as it increases overall productivity in the workplace and really does make our employees feel valued.

In an ever increasing competitive employment arena, it really is imperative that businesses continue to invest in their people’s career development.

We are strong believers in offering continuous training and development to help our employee’s gain the knowledge they need within the recruitment industry but also for them to grow and develop as individuals.

Training day on contract workers

We booked our two temporary and contract recruitment consultants onto a one day training course, to learn about the ins and outs of how contract workers work! And this is what Rachel Samuels and Emma Dixon learnt from their training day at the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

• Explained the different variations of contract workers
• Insight to IR35 opt in and opt out
• Where we stand as a employment business
• Received a take-home pack which is great for reference and learning more in-depth

Rachel, our temporary specialist said, “the training enabled me to gain an understanding of contract workers. There are so many different variations, so it really enabled me to differentiate between them.”

Emma our contract specialist added, “I really enjoyed the training and found it really useful. The training was delivered via presentations, case studies and a few exercises, which made it really interesting and easy to follow.”

Why it’s important to continuously invest in training?

If you do not see the value in or understand the benefits in a training programme, here are a few pointers that you may like to consider, and think about introducing a programme that invests in employee development.

• It will provide your individuals with more insight and greater knowledge
• It will address any weak links so you can strengthen skills in the right areas
• It will increase employee satisfaction as your employees will feel satisfied and challenged
• It will boost employee performance by having a better understanding of their industry
• It will increase employee retention as they will feel appreciated and valued
• It will boost morale and keep employees engaged

So, why not invest in your people and ultimately your business, by developing a programme that invests in your employee’s development and career progression? It will pay dividends in the end!