Following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU on 23rd June, organisations are now facing a period of uncertainty and change;

  • What impact will this have?
  • What are the opportunities and the challenges for HR?

In a historic referendum on 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU.

It’s now vital for the Government and UK businesses to take time to assess properly the long-term impact of any decisions that they make.

The ‘leave’ vote will prompt consultations between government, organisations and employees across all sectors and representative bodies. We’ll draw on our strong base of evidence and experience of the world of work to add our voice to these important discussions.

While the impact of the referendum result won’t be felt immediately, there is the potential for major changes to occur in future to employment law, immigration and the ability to bring the right skills into businesses.

Here’s a short video from Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD,

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Video Source: CIPD 24th June 2016