Great News! You’ve impressed them with your CV and covering letter and now you’ve got that all-important interview. We’ve listed our top interview tips below on how to use Interview Preparation to stand out!
1. Know your CV’s content

Having followed our CV writing tips, you would have tailored your CV in accordance with the needs of this role, therefore it is really important to know what you have already told them in your CV. The questions you’ll get asked in the interview are more than likely to be staged around your CV, therefore having confidence in building on what you have already told them in your CV is particularly important.

2. Do your homework

Before the big day, visit the organisation’s website, as most have information on careers. Read up on the skills they’re looking for and whether you meet those requirements. Then think about any examples you can talk about that demonstrate those skills. Interviewers are likely to ask you for examples of times you’ve demonstrated a particular skill or behaviour. That’s because they know previous behaviour can help predict your future performance. If the website doesn’t have a lot of information, look at the job specification or advertisement, and note the key skills they want. Once again, think about how you can demonstrate these.

3. Research the interviewer!

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to find out more information about the interviewers background and specialist areas. This is a great tip to calm those pre-interview nerves and will make you feel more at ease when your first meet them.

4. Plan your travel and expect the unexpected…

Little is worse than getting lost or missing trains before an interview! Of course, things can happen that are out of your control and it’s important to inform your interviewer if you’re going to be late. Leave early for your interview and you’ll feel more prepared and composed on arrival.

5. Prepare the questions you want to ask

You want to demonstrate that you’ve researched the organisation and you’re interested in them, so prepare a question or two to ask. Perhaps you read something about the organisation that captured your interest. Or you might want to ask the interviewer what they most enjoy about working for the organisation.

Tip: Practice these interview tips and try your questions with a friend or family member.

Use the above top tips and you will be well on your way to impressing an interviewer! If you’re still unsure and want more interview tips visit our website or check out our Facebook page with daily tips and tricks relating to CV’s and interviews.

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