Resigning from your job can be as daunting as starting your new role, however whatever the reason you feel it’s time to try something new and take the leap it is important to ensure you don’t leave on bad terms with your ex-employer, and even your colleagues!

Now you might be wondering how can you go about resigning in such a way to keep the bridges from burning, well follow these top tips…

  1. Be 100% certain your ready to resign – Once you’ve told your boss you intend to resign there’s no going back. Make sure you consider the specific reason why you want to leave and think about whether there are possible options that can resolve the problem your facing; if it is career progression, colleagues or aspects about your role, there may be scope for these issues to addressed by your existing company if brought to your boss’s attention.
  2. Face-to-face meeting with your boss – If you want to stay on good terms with your boss (and ask for a reference in the future) it’s always good to arrange a face-to-face meeting with them rather than just delivering the unexpected and impersonal resignation letter. Have a sit down prior and think of what you’re going to say and stick to it! This is a oral resignation therefore should be approached in a diplomatic way.
  3. Maintain positivity – As your leaving the company, it is likely you may have a couple of ‘issues’, however now is not the time to discuss these. Focus on the positives about your time working for the company, as your leaving luckily you wont have to deal with them any longer!
  4. Stick to your guns – If you’re a valued member of the workforce it is more than likely your boss will be disappointed to see you go, and may even try to make you change your mind. However, if you’re 100% sure about wanting to leave then stick to your guns and politely let them know you have made your final decision (unless they make you an attractive offer that you can’t bare to turn down!).
  5. Put it in writing – Now you have let your boss know your intentions to leave, you should put it into writing to make your resignation official. This should include; your names, date, boss’s details, notice period, the date you’ll be leaving and your signature. Keep it positive and even thank you boss for the opportunities they have presented to you!
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