Looking to engage and retain the very best talent out there? A well prepared and structured interview is the way to go. Mastering this crucial management skill is not easy, therefore we thought we’d share these 9 pointers to help you to become an expert at conducting interviews!
1. Preparation

Although we always put emphasis on the candidate preparing prior to their interview, it is just as important for you to prepare through reading the candidate’s CV, comparing it against your job spec. Highlight areas on the CV you wish to discuss within the interview. Why not ask a colleague to review both documents to gain a second opinion and help spot strengths and weaknesses you might not personally find!

2. Do your homework

A good opening question to start the interview off with is to ask questions to find out whether your candidate has done their homework, questions such as “What do you know about us” and “What do you know about the role?”. Such ‘starter’ questions as these will help you discover early on which candidates have done their research and who is keen to impress!

3. Selling your company

Remember, it isn’t only the candidate that has to impress during the interview. It is more than likely the candidate has other interviews and options available, therefore you need to sell the benefits of working for you. Pitch your company, the role, your amazing history, future ambitions, give a tour – don’t lose an exceptional candidate as a result of you not showing them what your company can offer!

4. Put the candidate at ease

Welcome your candidate, introduce yourself, offer them a drink, ask questions such as “Did you find the office OK?” is a great ice breaker.

5. Interview questions

Ask questions which are relevant and meaningful to your business. Keep the questions the same for each interview so you can benchmark the performance of each candidate.

6. Listen

Give your candidate the chance to speak, express themselves and answer your questions in full. Try to refrain from interrupting, but rather listen to answers and summarise what is said back to the candidate to ensure you are both clear about the response given.

7. “Do you have any questions?”

Allow the candidate to address anything that is important to them which you might not have covered within the interview. We advise our candidates to respond to this question with a ‘Yes’ having taken time to prepare questions to ask, this ensures they do not leave wishing they had asked something they didn’t!

8. End on a lighter note…

The formal interview is over; ask questions that are likely to reveal more about the candidate’s personality and hobbies. Ask about what they like to do out of work, what they have planned for the rest of the day and let them know when they should expect to be notified of the outcome.

9. Choosing the Successful Candidate – The Review

Assess how the interview went, if one of the candidates stand out more than the others, move quick! The best candidates usually get snapped up quickly so make your offer before others do!

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