Myths about the Staffing Industry

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Myths about the Staffing Industry

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4Laura Leonard, Account Manager of Aspire Cambridge’s Temporary Division tackles the top 8 myths about the Staffing Industry!
  1. Staffing agencies only supply ‘office’ workers.
    Aspire Cambridge are specialists in Commercial, IT, Technical and Engineering recruitment on a permanent or temporary basis. Such roles that we recruit for include warehouse, admin, accounts and finance, sales and marketing, paralegal, human resources, retail, engineering, IT and technical.
  2. Staffing agencies only supply temporary workers, and I need someone to fill a full-time position.
    Here at Aspire Cambridge we have a highly successful and reactive temporary division alongside recruiting for roles on a permanent basis in various industries. Dependent upon my clients requirements, my temporary workers who are placed with a client can see their role evolve into a permanent placement therefore offering flexibility to the client and enables a ‘trial period’ before a full-time position is provided. I can supply exceptional candidates to fill in for a day, month or a few years, the answer is all in what the client requests.
  3. The candidates you get from a staffing agency are all job hoppers.
    My candidates are from all walks of life. Many times my candidates are in between jobs, working professionals that have hit a glass ceiling or are seeking a less stressful position. Some of these people work with our agency for years in addition to another job, just for side money. Through meeting my candidate face-to-face it enables me to evaluate the quality of my candidates and a sound understanding about their individual circumstances and unique job search requirements.
  4. Staffing agencies only have entry level-candidates.
    Some of my candidates have been made redundant or between jobs, others have less experience and will work for lower wages to further their knowledge and experience. Seasoned professionals will also take lower paying jobs out of necessity. These professionals have already experienced the errors and the trials and know how to make your company perform top notch, also they are usually cross trained or are eager to learn something new, so you can use them for more than one position.
  5. Staffing agencies only send over-qualified candidates.
    Graduates will work for minimal pay just to add experience to their CV’s. These candidates usually have some internship experience, plus education. Most are hungry for knowledge and skill-building techniques and I have found they will go the distance to be a superstar on the job.
  6. Recruitment agencies just place bodies; they do not worry about personalities or skills required.
    All our candidates that we Attract here at Aspire Cambridge have been interviewed and invited into our office for a face-to-face meeting, this allows for the candidate to be screened to ensure they meet the requirements of your position. Plus, once you’ve decided to hire a particular candidate, we can offer different levels of background and reference checks.
  7. Staffing agencies will take too long to find the right person for my position.
    Managing a temporary desk I have to work at a quick pace, my clients can phone in and require a candidate to fill a position the same day, their having a proactive approach by knowing my candidates and their availability, skill set and experience enables me to provide a reactive and quick service. Unless you require a very specific, hard-to-find skill or software knowledge that is hard to come by, then finding the right person shouldn’t be very difficult.
  8. The red tape is too much to deal with.
    Actually, the red tape is seriously reduced by using a recruitment agency! Gone are the days where you dealt with paychecks, insurance and timesheets. At Aspire Cambridge, we handle your HR hassles while you make sure the company is progressing in other areas. Your responsibility is limited to paying the invoices and letting the assigned Account Manager know if you are having employee issues, so they can counsel or terminate the employee for you.

“I pride myself on providing a fast and impressive service; nothing is too much trouble and I love doing what I do best – making a great job match quickly and effectively. Our clients like having a dedicated Account Manager who they can rely on and call on anytime and this is why they come back to us again and again. Timings are naturally very tight when a client needs a Temp and because we have strong, well established relationships with a wide range of Temps, we are able to provide CVs within as little as 2 hours of receiving a job brief.” Laura Leonard, Account Manager – Temporary Division

What our clients say about us …

“A great friendly service from all individuals at Aspire Cambridge, they continue to listen and appreciate our needs in terms of who we are looking for and what qualities we need them to have. You really feel they want the best for you as a company and all staff employed have been very good additions to our growing teams.” December 2015

At Aspire Cambridge we specialise in temporary recruitment and provide a fast and very effective service. If you need a Temp right now or are interested in finding out more for the future, please call me on 01223 855440 or email.

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