Recruiting new members of staff can be time consuming and such decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly, you need time to think realistically as to whether your team have the time and expertise to find exceptional candidates to join your business.

If the answer is no, then you might want to consider outsourcing your recruitment. After all, that is what recruiter’s such as Aspire Cambridge are there for Attract > Engage > Retain; taking the time and hassle out of the recruitment process, finding you exceptional candidates quickly and efficiently.

Here are our top 5 reasons why outsourcing recruitment could benefit you:

 1. No distractions

The hiring process takes time, and will require you to take time out away from the business in order to find the ideal candidate. This can in turn mean you neglect your usual job, that could have implications to the running of the company.  By outsourcing recruitment you can leave the job to the recruiter whilst you focus on your usual business.

2. High quality hires

You might find that you struggle to find candidates that completely ‘fit the bill’ through direct applications, in no means does this reflect your company or the salary being offered, but rather an indication your aren’t searching or advertising in the right place. Recruiters are experts at seeking out the best candidates on the market, in our case we have Attracted a pool of highly skilled candidates who are ready and waiting for the perfect placement, this not only speeds up the process but also improves the quality of your hires.

3. Reduce costs

Hiring can be expensive. From the labour required, to posting ads on job boards and conducting background screening, the costs can soon mount up. Through outsourcing recruitment the cost is all rolled into one, reducing your spend in the long term, furthermore reducing the chance of losing money due to a bad hire.

4. Keep meeting demand

Companies that are fast growing may find it difficult to keep up with the recruitment needs and company demands that they are facing, as they don’t have the time and resources to manage it in-house. Recruitment agencies such as Aspire Cambridge are much better qualified to handle a high volume of roles at one time, as well as having the advantage of being able to dedicate all of their time to finding your ideal candidate.

5. Reduce turnover rate

Poorly run recruitment processes can be to blame for a high turnover rate which can have financial implications for a business; alongside disrupting productivity and ongoing projects. High turnover may not necessarily be a reflection on your company, it may just indicate that candidates just aren’t a very good fit for the company, resulting from a poor recruitment process. Recruiters assess a variety of candidates not only on their skills set and experience but also screen their personality traits to ensure they are suitable for a certain role and the company culture, this can assist in placing individuals who are better suited to the business and will stay in the job.

If you would like to find out more about how we Attract > Engage > Retain, call the team at Aspire Cambridge today on 01223 855440; whether you’re looking for new vacancies, candidates or to retain your workforce, we’d love to talk to you.

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