The Tech Industry has always been known as a male dominate industry, with many male entrepreneurs gaining the most recognition for their contributions to the sector. However, women are playing a huge part too and are entering both regular and high level positions in tech; organisations such as Google and Facebook are hiring women 238% faster than men!

However, there is still a significant difference in number of women working in tech in comparison to men; last year in May 2014 Google revealed their workforce is only 30% female, with 79% of leadership roles being held by males! This isn’t just a problem for Google, the same goes for Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn none of which reported to employ more than 40% females as part of their workforce – but is the industry changing and how can you ensure we retain women in tech?

Women working in Tech – the numbers!

Did you know that 20% of tech start-ups across the world were founded by women? Thought not, many people fail to recognise the significant contribution women have in the tech industry and are encouraging the growth of such a popular industry. In fact, woman represent 7% of the world’s richest tech billionaires! In 2015 women working for Facebook grew by 84% with 83% more women joining Microsoft in 2015, therefore proving that the industry is changing with the Tech giants setting a example for others to follow.

Why women leave the Tech industry

56% of women in tech positions leave their company mid-career due to the following reasons:

  • 24% report that they leave a tech role to go on to a non-technical role in a different company; 22% becoming self-employed in a tech field
  • Some even reported it was due to a loss of interest in their job leading to their departure
  • 27% blame a lack of having a work-life balance
How to retain women in the Tech industry
  • Personal development opportunities – People look for this in a job, the more opportunities you provide for development and in turn promotion will improve retention rates
  • Offer mentoring and networking opportunities – helps staff seek encouragement and assistance from others in the industry
  • Flexible working hours – enables staff to have a good work-life balance and time to have commitments outside of work 
Don’t give up hope!

In comparison to males, women in tech is still low however there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel with tech giants increasing female headcount. Aspire Cambridge fully understand the trend that women in tech is definitely on the rise; our IT, Technical & Engineering Division have successfully placed women in such roles as Software Development, Test Engineering, Web Development, therefore we believe the more opportunities and diverse the tech industry becomes, the more it will encourage other females to start a career within the industry.

Kelly Haston, Managing Director:

“Throughout my career I have placed a large number of technically experienced women in roles within the IT, Tech and Engineering industries. Having worked within recruitment for over 10 years, I have seen first hand the prejudice some women face entering into these sectors however I believe that the change made by large tech companies will only positively encourage employer’s to be more open-minded when considering candidates.”

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